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Yazoo Jenova [userpic]
by Yazoo Jenova (yazoo_nightmare)
at November 19th, 2006 (11:21 pm)

Ehehen... Guess who's back? plzdunhurtmekthx... Yeah, I'm sorry I dissapeared. But those who were fortunate enough to know me well enough know I play on a very physical soccer team and well.. I sustained many injuries. :D I'm fine now, and apart from the very long MIA time, you now have Yazoo and Loz back in action! ;D!! Poke them at your whim. Their aim's are br0k3n d1s3as3 (Loz) and Indesecrets (Yazoo). LJ journals are broken_disease and yazoo_nightmare .. :D You'll probably see much more of me now. As long as I'm still wanted...