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X I G B A R [userpic]
by X I G B A R (shot_first)
at September 24th, 2006 (12:04 am)
current mood: Hungry
current song: Apollo 440 - Stop the Rock

Who: Xigbar and Demyx.
When: Wednesday.
Where: Kardela, capital city of central Kinta.
What: Demyx hikes to Kardela, and catches up with Xigman.
Warning: GHAY content, and a few bad words.

'I already told ya you were welcome to stay,' Xigbar said, rolling his eyes and dropping the backpack onto the floor by shrugging it off his shoulder. He looked proud though, and even looked the place over quickly himself. Just in case Axel might have been there to pawn off a few of his things for quick cash. Hey, you never knew with that guy. 'I'm glad you like it though, I put a lot of cash and love into making it just right. Now, the problem with that is that it means I only have one bed, so you get to nap on the couch. The good thing about that is that the couches are the best things your sweet tush will ever touch when it comes to a good seat. So I'm going to grab you a blanket or something, and you can settle right in. Take a look around if you wanna.'
He headed for the door that was obviously his bedroom, and left it open, welcoming almost. Demyx was staying with him, then. The thought of company made him giddy. The thought of /cute/ company that knew just how to party was an ever better prospect. He rummaged around the built-in wardrobe for something, anything, looking like a spare sheet, humming a slow, happy tune to himself.

*Demyx immediately began exploring the apartment like a cat settling to it's new home Humming a little he walked around the livingroom, stopping to stare at the photo of the black spooky doorway, frowning slightly, before continuing. He looked into the kitchen with delighted blue eyes, grinning as he heard Xigbar humming to himself and then he snuck over to the refridgerator to see what the freeshoter had in there. Opening the door he indeed found bottles of the kind of booze that he had seen Xigbar drink before...or atleast some similar looking brewerage. With a happy sound he snatched two of these bottles and then looked over his shoulder towards the bedroom. "Xig!" he called out and let the bottles come together with a clinking of glass. Music to the ears. "Want something cool to drink?!" He stood swaying a little, humming a melody he had picked up somewhere.*

A small laptop lay on charge on the kitchen island countertop, humming faintly as it seemed to have been left on during the night. Other than the bottles of beer and other necessary ingredients to make a night complete, there was actual fresh food in the refridgerator as well; most of them, strangely, vegetables.
'Do I ever, man,' Xigbars reply came muffled from somewhere in the bedroom, tugging at a stack of soft linens stacked neatly under the bed, dusty like nothing. Bugger that. He actually wanted dinner right about now, but a drink would have to do until he could think of something to eat that wasn't just friend toast with.. actually, fried toast with tomatoes and onions and eggs sounded real good, at that.
He tore the flat blanket from his own bed and folded it like it'd never been used at all before swaying back out into the living-room with a stack of magazines under the other arm. With his elbow he turned the lights on; a dim, smooth set of lamps barely visible against the walls themselves dispelling the tall shadows. He dropped the stack and blanket on the longest leg-strecher couch, and then sidled over to the kitchen area, sitting down on one of the comfortable bar-stools and stretching for the bottles in Demyx's cluthces, mewling.

*Demyx stuck the pink tip of his tongue out and held the bottle just out of Xigbars reach, toying with it a little but then took mercy on the older man and handled it to him. With a sigh he sat down on the stool next to Xigbar, a small but happy smile on his lips. He held out his own bottle in a clumsy toast and then drank from it in a couple of deep gulps. His whole being seemed to relax as he drank down the cool alcohol and when he lowered the bottle, he had it dangle gingerly between his pale, sinewy fingers. “Tasty!” He exclaimed, again sounding a little out of breath*

Xigbar nursed his own bottle, grumbling. His booze, he thought protectively. He could share his food and money and sheets, but his /beer/ was special. 'Yeah, it's good stuff,' he admitted, licking the foam from the bottle's neck before drinking deeply from it as well. 'Nuaah.. Real good, at that. Can't get it anywhere but Nijima, but I got myself a deal with the brewer and he ships me a crate every month. For a tidy sum, I might add.' He took another swig, not as deep.
'So, you enjoyed the show tonight? It was a new thing for us, those sort of songs. You think we did okay?'

*Demyx listened with great interest and when Xigbar asked him he nodded enthusiastically "Absolutely - It was awesome!" he sighed longingly. "I was in the middle of that crowd you know- they loved it- loved you man! Aww I am so jealous!" He planted a small kiss on the head of the bottle absently. Inside of the bottle the beer had begun to swirl and move slightly at the turbulent will of the youth- although Demyx wasn't aware of it. He was thinking back on the show and had all but forgotten about the beer. He really hadn't thought he would see Xigbar on stage like that...sure, the man LOVED attention! And had the tendency to steal it the second he moved into the room...Even so, to see those raw emotions displayed on his face had struck Demyx like a lightning bolt. It felt....like such a intimate thing to have seen... "Heh...Perhaps I should call you MR rock star now?" he murmured with a slight blush and looked up at the man with unveiled admiration.*

'D-dude, as /if/ you would ever remember to call me Mr. anything,' Xigbar managed, flustered, watching Demyx's lips since he couldn't meet his eyes. Yeah, he loved it, that attention and admiration, basked in it like, but he was actually fishing for Demyx's true opinion. But he was such an honest kid that if he said that he was jealous, then he probably was. And if he blushed, then he did so for a reason, and it was probably not the beer, because you didn't get drunk off of half a bottle, even if you were a kid.
'And besides, it's not like they're our songs, we just play what sounds good. Entertainers like. So, uhm, you know, if you wanna switch that oversized guitar of yours for something with a few more strings, you could always play with us some time.'
He drained his beer, and got up to get another, bending into the refridgerator to cool his face off. He still hadn't showered, and the sweat was cooling on his body. He probably didn't smell very fresh either.

*Demyx watched him head over to the refridgerator. "Thanks Xigbar," he murmured softly. It meant a whole lot for him to hear that. "I'll give it a thought...." he took another couple of gulps from the bottle and looked around in the kitchen again, mostly to keep himself from staring too much at Xigbar. His eyes keept being drawn to that skinny but muscular and strong body and those snug fitting clothes that were just so cool and...sexy looking. Demyx pressed the bottle against his forehead, leaning back a litle to hide his blush. "Um...so when...where.... will you be playing again?" he asked, now balancing the bottle on his forehead, sweat trickling down one pale cheek, his blue eyes very concentrated.*

'I only play down at CATCH.' Xigbar's voice came out of the fridge, his hands idly picking out onions and tomatoes from the vegetable boxes, making certain they were unblemished and fresh. 'And I'm signed up for tomorrow night, as well as Saturday. I'm not the only guy they have, so we have to fight about who gets what hours. Sort of wish they'd make a permanent schedule, but the boss says it limits the potential for flexibility and party arrangements, so whatever, you know?'
He straightened, turned on the heat with a flick of one of the stove dials, and reached for a frying-pan. His empty bowels were rumbling angrily up at him, and he figured it was about time to appease it. Bunch of eggs, spot of butter, good white toast.. He ran the ingredients airily through his mind while getting out a sharp knife to slice the vegetables with, letting the pan heat up as he worked. 'I dunno what sort of job you're looking for, kid, but I offered Axel a place down at the bar or behind stage, and the same applies to you, of course. You give it all a thinker, and if it turns out that maybe it wasn't what you had in mind, I'll give you some pointers where to start looking for something else, kay?'

*”Yeah!" Demyx said, smiling. He snatched the bottle and emptied it, putting it down. He could work with most anything couldn't he? Sure...as long as he got the proper instructions he felt confident that he could. Heh...it was rather amusing actually....he remembered how he had struggled so much before becoming Demyx...Struggling with school but always living in the firm belief he was meant to do music and to be on stage. It was....as if he was back on in that time again...It was a strange but nice feeling... He leaned on the table lazily, resting his head on its polished surface whilst watching Xigbar ready the meal.*

The chopped onion mixture went with the batted eggs into the frying-pan, all over the already frying toast, and Xigbar sloppily used the handle of the knife to stir with, minimizing dishes for himself, all the while drinking his second beer and humming quietly, lost in thought. Demyx, huh? Little Demyx. Well, that was cool. And if Axel decided to make good on Xigbar's offer then the three of them might have a really great time, actually. So long as the young'uns kept their hands to themselves regarding his property, that was.
'Hey Myde, get off your lazy arse and get us some plates and forks,' he said eventually, scenting the frying tomatoes and his stomach made a ferocious gurgle. 'Rightmost cupboard, and middle drawer, and skip to it.'

*Demyx, startled from his daydream flew to his feet and quickly did as instructed, redfaced. He glanced over Xigbars shoulder at the fried tomatoes and then happily made it over to the table and readied it for them. ".....More drinks!" he chirped, diving in behind the bar desk and looking around among the bottles. And then he straightened up and looked over at Xigbar, looking suddenly very ashamed. "I'll pay you back when I got the cash..." he scratched the side of his neck a little. "Hey man...sit down and eat and I'll make something special for you?" he smiled, looking around among the bottles he thought he saw what he needed to mix together something really nice. *

Xigbar slid into his seat, spreading toast and egg-mush over their plates in generous, slight uneven shares, with the larger portion for the smaller man, and put the pan on a cork mat. 'Sure,' he smiled, tired and hungry, but honestly happy at the company. He propped his chin up with an elbow on the table, prodding the eggs 'But don't worry about the booze. It's not like it's hard to come by or anything. There are glasses and stuff hanging up there.'
He pointed in under the ceiling block of the kitchen island to the other side that Demyx were on, and there were all sorts of highball glasses and the like hanging neatly from a straight row of black pegs. It looked like Xigbar had it all. 'Didn't know you made cocktails, kid,' he commented happily.

*Demyx beamed at him "I do a little of everything!" the words stumbled out of him in his eagerness. "This is the one I remember and really liked…It’s really good! Not too fierce and not sweet either!" He couldn't remember who it was that had taught him this particular mix, Perhaps Axel…or maybe Luxord? He hummed happily to himself as he picked out the bottles needed and readied a pair of glasses. He lined everything up neatly and made a show of pouring the chosen drinks together. Very neat and exact. He might be clumsy and come of as distracted and childish many times but when he put his mind to it he could do things with a preciseness that probably would have impressed even Vexen!
When it was done the results was a twilight coloured, clear and sparkling drink. Demyx bowed down and scrutinised it with a slight frown. He compare the drinks golden amber shine to Xigbars eye and nodded to himself. Very Satisfied.
"...Yup....looks just as it should...Now to see if it tastes as it should too!" Carefully picking the glasses up he went back to where Xigbar was sitting and joined him. He elegantly pushed one glass over the polished table surface, to Xigbar and then stared with the wide eyes of a hungry puppy dog at the meal prepared and waiting for him on his plate. It really wasn’t that long ago since he had eaten but, as with most youths, he was constantly hungry!*

Nodding, he accepted the glass pleasantly and brought it to his nose, gave it a precautious sniff, evaluating, but only managed to get carbonated air up his nostrils and had to sneeze, laughing, into the nook of his elbow. 'L-looks like a Morningstar to me,' he chuckled, nose still tickling. 'Sweet stuff, that, I can imagine you liking it. Apricot brandy, ice and tonic water. Am I right?' He brought his lips to the brim of the glass, waiting for the go-sign just as Demyx was staring longingly at the food on his platter. Yeah, the kid was sweet, at that. Enthusiastic, innocent.. just sweet. Then he remembered that Nine was waiting as well for his word just as well. 'Hey, eat up, kid, before it gets cold.'

*Demyx nodded happily, radiant with pride that Xigbar seemed to approve of the drink and then, after raising his glass to Xigbars, happily started to eat. Unlike with the hamburger he actually stopped to taste this, delighting in the sweet juiciness of the fried tomatoes melting in his mouth and mixing so perfectly with the other ingredients. Xigbar wasn’t the one that you expected would want to spend time and effort in the kitchen, Demyx thought, but the man had always been full of surprises. He had seen him spend hours dedicated on looking over his guns and equipment to perfection, patience from a person that many expected to be rash and careless. Demyx relaxed where he sat, toying absently with the glass as he ate. When he had finished eating he let out a small groan of pleasure and his belly filled with content. He raised his glass to his lips and took a zip and then started asking Xigbar about the city, wanting to know all about what adventures that his senior might have experienced here, cheerful and curious.*

The strong apricot permeated the food, so Xigbar - appreciative though he was - saved the drink until he too had savoured the fresh juices and contrasts of the easy meal, and only left a little bit left on the side of his plate; an old habit, hard to break. He always gave himself more food than he could stomach. He tried answering Demyx's questions as best he could, drinking again now, and feeling the warm, happy sensation of getting pleasantly drunk. It didn't take much. He might be strong, but he wasn't heavy, his body-mass not much to brag about, so his knees were soon filled with what felt like cotton. Once the sparkley drinks were downed he made more of them, and then some other fruity, strong things, since that seemed to be the sort of womanish tastes that Demyx approved of. Sex on the Beach, Campari Oranges. It was all good to him, he didn't care much either way, so long as it made his head reel and laughter split his face more often than words did.
'S-s-shheeee, thish oneee time,' he started, half his face plastered against the countertop, grinning up to his ear, and the world tilting dangerously, 'th-there wash thish bird. Rihhght?'

*Demyx drank what Xigbar served him, happy for the calm and release that it granted him from the thoughts gnawing at the back of his head. with effort he sat very straight backed, swaying a little and smiling, drinking drink number...? He had lost the count since that fruity colorful drink some timg ago. "What about t-the bird?" he giggled, putting the glass aside and spilling some on himself with a "Oops..." He snorted, sucking on a finger and then leaned down over the countertop so that he was face to face with Xigbar. "Why a bird...T-try a a....sea turtle!" he burst out giggling and slipped his hand up to Xigbars shoulder, petting him fondly, toying with his hair. He had allways liked Xigbars hair with those....badger stripes!.... it was so cool looking! Yup!...Even if Axel called Xig-man an old Geezer. He snorted and then pulled himself up, pulling Xigbar with him....and then his eyes widened as he dimly realised that they were siting rather high up and the stools seemed to sway dangerously!
"Xiiiig!...T-to the sofa!" he announced and climbed down, aiding Xigbar as he did. " *

Xigbar only blinked owlishly and giggled as Demyx dragged him away from the countertop. 'Ya know,' he managed, about the bird sea turtle guitar THING that his brain was mulling about, 'I don't remember!'
His legs buckled over the side of the sofa and he crashed down into it on his back, the stack of magazines falling to the floor and fanning out in a display of plastic cover sheen and colour across the white, thick carpet in which naked feet could sink into deep. He sighed and stretched his body out, toes pointing down, arms over his head and made a sound like a tired cat, shirt hitching up to reveal his stomach and the glint of a navel piercing, but he soon curled up around it, drunkenly making way for Demyx.

*Demyx more or less dived for the sofa after Xigbar and his eyes turned very wide at the sight of the navel piercing. "Wuzzthat!? Oooh!" he laid down next to Xigbar looking at him. "Shhhho cool!" his eyes twinkled, bright ocean blue. "You're allways shoooo awesome! Can I look at IT!" He seemed about ready to pull Xigbars shirt up.*

'Nuu,' Xigbar wailed, tugging the hem of his shirt back down, stretching the words on it. He squirmed and tried to push Demyx away with his feet, but only connected with thin air, and looked like he was trying to ride a bicycle on his back. 'Nu, ye can't, it's jusht a diamond and it's not sho cool as ye think..'
That was partially true. Back when he'd gotten it, in drunken stupor, it had gotten infection after infection, and didn't want to heal or stop sucking up his navel-lint for the first whole year. It was fine now though, but still a bit of an embarrasment, even though he didn't mind the certain sensation of someone.. tugging at it.. with their teeth..
He shook his head, hard and fast, and his palm managed to cup Demyx's whole, sparkling, drunken little face and he meekly tried to push the kid away from on top of him. 'Wanna watch TV or somethin'..?'

*Demyx nodded into Xigbars hand but even as he did contiued his advantage with muffled murmurs and mewls, crawling up ontop of Xigbar and fumbling with his shirt. "Xiggbar...." he sang out, straightening himself and brushing the free stand of hair out of his face. He looked at the older man and looked most serious for a while before grinning- but it wasn't a all mindless drunken smile. More bold and playful, if flustered and bright eyed "I think you're....Sexy...very, very sexy...." he swallowed. " I think...should wear such clothes allways..." he tugged at Xigbars shirt a little as if to mark his words.*

'Hah,' Xigbar chuckled, the song coming unbidden to his hazy, drunken mind. He was a whole lot less around then Demyx seemed to be. He reached down and took the edge of his shirt and suddenly pulled it over his head, vanishing momentarily, muffled laughter under the cloth for a split, fuzzed, moment. 'If you think so, mis~ter, you must want to fuck~ me~' he groaned, twisting his voice like he had done on stage, making it a hoarse, needy whisper just like it should be, had he been accompanied by a timid piano.
He twisted willingly, teasingly, pinned underneath Demyx, lightheaded from the intense blue stare ravaging
him. It turned him on, admittedly, but he was to drunk to be ashamed. He threw his shirt away, just to spite the kid who wanted them on.

*Demyx blinked, staring down at Xigbars naked chest, stunned. Blushing he raised a hand and placed the fingertips over one of the scars, tracing it with obvious reverence. He raised his gaze, looking up at Xigbar and then leaned closer. He licked his lips a little and seemed suddenly a little nervous and shy. But that did not prevent him from tilting his head and closing the distance between them, pressing his lips against Xigbars in a clumsy, alkohol tainted, but tender kiss. His hands burried in the soft couch, clawing at it slightly as the kiss proceeded.*

The freeshoother's one eye half closed at the sudden tenderness, the sensitive parts of his scarred skin so delicately traced, but it was flung wide open when Demyx's lips pressed down against his. He inhaled sharply, sucking the air out of the young man, opening his mouth slightly to protest, but.. it died on his tongue, the flesh feeling thick and starved for attention, and.. it wasn't as if it made him feel bad or anything. It had just taken him by surprise. His hands closed around Demyx's wrists as if subconsciously locking him to himself, and then he pressed back up, all of his surface body tingling from desire. Where'd all this come from all of a sudden?
He moaned the boy's name through the kiss, running the tip of his tongue hungrily against what flesh he could reach.

*A shiver ran through Demyx slender body and he gasped out, slowly laying down on top of Xigbar, both of their skinny bodies pressing down into the couch. Demyx cupped Xigbars face in his hands and continued the kiss, breaking away only to draw breath. His self was all needs now, needs to be close to the other nobody whom he was so happy and grateful to have found again that he could have just clung to the man and wept with the joy and relief. He murmured Xigbars name against the mans lips, gazing at him with adoration. One of his legs was between Xigbars, rubbing a little against the tight pants as they shifted and moved in the kiss.*

The sudden attention to his scrotum made him groan loudly, letting Demyx's tongue slip down his throat if he so desired, and he bucked up against the pressure of the younger Nobody's muscled leg, trousers growing, indeed, uncomfortably tight. His spindly fingers traced down the sides of the youth's tanned skin, sliding in under his too large t-shirt, pulling it up to reach his chest, trailing the horizontal bones of his ribs almost lovingly, his chiseled shoulderblades, the long bump of spine as the body moved and twisted over him. His legs spread apart slightly to allow Demyx a bit more space, his own knee rubbed the slender hip encouragingly.

*Demyx let out a low whimpering sound and his slender, finely muscled back tensed and arched at the caress and touch. He slipped his slightly trembling hands down Xigbars neck and shoulders and then over his chest, worshipping the uneven feel of the landscape of scars and the soft undamaged skin....He gently touched the hardened nubs of flesh that were Xigbars nipples and then clawed lightly at the firm muscles of the freeshooters chest feeling the tight, uncomfortable feeling between his legs grow. Slowly he slipped one hand down Xigbars belly, finding the piercing and feeling it, toying with it carefully and shyly even as he started to rub himself against Xigbars crotch area, groaning in bliss at the wonderful, wonderful friction caused between them in the slow, dance like movements.*

'Damn, kid,' Xigbar moaned, pulling away from the liplock, licking the traces of hot, sweet saliva from around his mouth, 'turning me on..'
His hands steadied on Demyx's hips, holding him firmly and bucking up and rolling his own much like he'd done on stage, but this time meeting more than just air. Pressure and friction and delicious little moans and breaths excited him, that teasing hand between their stomachs tickling him and tugging at the stone stuck in his skin. He rolled in tandem with the younger man's rhythm, kneading his backside gently through the tight jeans, no seam or button untouched by his moving fingers. He wanted to elate and arouse Demyx just like he made him fight for air so easily.
Getting up on his elbows, his wet lips - feeling heavy with the alcohol in his system - closed on his partner's neck, suckling it gently to leave a small, sweet bruise, a mark of affection.

*Demyx murmured his appreciation, turning his head and baring his neck for Xigbar as if he was some kind of vampire junkie begging for the fix... At the same time he was caressing the mans chest in circles, one hand travelling in behind Xigbars back and shoulders up to his hair. Fumbling with the string keeping the hair together neatly and finally releasing the messy, damp mane. "Xigbar..." A throaty passionate groan and a whimper from the youth grinding himself against the freeshooters body and trying to keep up with the older man. He was clumsy, hot and eager (not to forget, drunk of his ass) both pushing against Xigbar hardness with his own and pushing up into the hand on his jeans clad butt, swaying where he was*

Head falling back when Demyx tore the hairband from his head, he brought the kid down with him, teeth holding on to his neck in another place, marking him over and over enthusiastically, drunkenly, slobbering saliva all over his neck, breathing hotly over the patches. His body jerked and spasmed under the weight of another body, and for once he was grateful that he was lying on his back as his head reeled with pleasure, threatening to throw him way off balance. Had their positions been reversed, he wasn't completely certain he would have been able to not fall off the seat, no matter how pleasant.
'Jusst.. a little more..' he groaned, humping up against the hardness of their zippers, the thick cloth the only barrier between their straining members. The urge to just tear off and stick it in the little brat was tempting, but he squashed it forcefully; it wasn't.. that sort of moment.

*Demyx groaned out a reply, his fingers burrying spasmodicaly in Xigbars hair, pawing and clawing at it in mindless passion. His thrusts against the older mans groin becoming shorter and faster and by now it had become almost painfuly straining against their pants. He loved the attention Xigbar paid his neck, happily unaware of the marks left there, and became increasingly louder at that, a dreamy drunk smile on his face. His head was empty of everything except the pleasure delivered and taken between them. And then he let out low cry and his muscles tensed up and he released, gasping and grinding long and hard against Xigbars length as wet and sticky hotness stained the insides of his boxers.*

That final shove against him, the sensation of it never leaving him, of short fingernails digging into his scalp, the tension; it all served to drop Xigbar himself off the edge as well. He grunted from between clenched teeth - a hard, masculine sound when he came, smearing his own underwearless trousers wet with seed. His fingers twitched and dug deep into the square hips striking his own, raked them up, made it to the waist and clung around it. Purring, wailing, rocking back and forth with his head buried in the nook of Demyx's neck, still an occasional shot of sperm expelled with a gasp, balls aching from the pent-up agitation he'd felt and held in all night, even hours before he'd met up with the kid again.
'Sweet-' he panted, lips throbbing against the flesh, 'sweet Jesus, Dem..'

*Demyx collapsed on top of Xigbar, panting and trembling, warm and spent. His eyes had slipped almost shut, sleepy and content, as he watched Xigbars face. He stretched himself up, pressing his lips clumsily to Xigbars, smearing a little drool on their lips in that sleepy but tender kiss. With a long sigh he relaxed, his arm still under Xigbar, tangled up in his hair, caressing those strands now and then. Drunkenness and the wonderful exhaustion after orgasm was taking it’s toll on him now and when he tried to tell Xigbar something really important about how that Xigbars nose had crinkled up cutely as he orgasmed all that came out was as a drunken murmur and a happy sigh.*

His one eye rolled in its socket behind a tightly clenched lid, lashes fluttering delicately against his sweaty face. That had been unexpected. Pleasant, yes, highly so, but quite unexpected. Actually, this whole day had been full of surprises. The sudden substitute guitarrist, the lack of lunch, Demyx's appearance.. He was pleased at the general outcome however, feeling the moist spread across his crotch still warm as their bodies pressed against eachother, limp and almost floppy despite the keenly tanned muscle they shared between them. Jesus, things could get awkward in the morning. But at the moment all they could do was catch their breaths, smile stupidly against eachother's damp skin and enjoying the faint tingle of a climax shared.
Every movement of his head made the world spin a little extra, so he soon decided that keeping that one eye shut was a good idea. Carefully letting go with one hand he unbuttoned his pants to keep from it biting into his stomach, and then peeled the eyepatch from his face. Scratched below it slightly. Then replaced his hold around the youth's waist, letting fingers entagle with eachother over his back, successfully strapping him down like an organic seatbelt. Or couchbelt, he giggled quietly to himself, suddenly very, very tired.

*Demyx nuzzled his face against Xigbars chest with one final content sound and then soon thereafter he was asleep, hugging Xigbar lightly, lulled to sweet dreamless sleep by the older mans breath, smell and warmth*

Xigbar let his head loll to the side, looking past the large, flat-screened television out at the lightening sky outside his window, a sunrise an hour away already throwing colours across the vivid blue, starting to blot out the city-lights way below. It was as pretty as always. He burrowed his shoulderblades deeper into the soft comfort of the sofa, shutting his one eye and sighed. This wasn't half bad, for an ordinary workers Wednesday.