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changed_hearts's Journal

Changed Hearts: A Kingdom Hearts RPG
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This is a Kingdom Hearts RP taking place after Kingdom Hearts 2.

Come join today!

Premise: Brand new cities have been erected with the promise for better lives and people from various worlds are flocking there with hope for more than they ever could have dreamed of. The cities have been erected on larger islands near the small Destiny Islands. Lately, the islands have been ravaged by large, ominous storms that can only be described as evil. Random civilians are disappearing, houses are being destroyed, and Heartless have reappeared and are causing problems...

Well the citizens aren't gonna take the destruction of their town lightly! The group of large cities have found a way to create large barriers to keep them safe during the ungodly hurricanes. The method requires drawing a lot of energy from nature, and the cities don't have enough of it to protect themselves...so they get it from the surrounding villages, ridding them of their food supply. It's Destiny Islander against City Folk, and Destiny Islander against unfathomable evil.

Which side are you on?

...are you on the side of evil? Do you know something about what's happening to the islands?

...are you from the city? Is your goal your own protection and nothing else?

...maybe you're from the city and an activist for the villages' rights?

...or maybe you're a villager that's fed up with the newly erected cities and want to take them down for good?

It's up to you.

All KH characters and FF chars are welcome, but FF characters must fit into the KH storyline. Please see the journal for application info.

Basic Info:

This RP will take place on LJ and AIM, with a possibility of moving the AIM part to IRC if the players agree to it. Journals should read in the first person. For example:

I'm so exhausted. Mom's making me do more and more work ever since Dad hurt his back. I don't mind helping out...but repatching the ENTIRE roof? Sheesh.

AIM RPs should read in the third person past tense. For example:

Sora stretched, then winced. Geez. What did he have to do the WHOLE roof for? They could have waited until tomorrow to finish the second half at least. Stupid cityfolk, messing up his life...and after he'd helped most of them get THEIR lives back together...totally unfair.

Third person RPs through livejournal can also be done on the community if you wish, but AIM RP is most encouraged. If the number of LJ RPs gets too high, they will all be moved to a separate community.

This RP can and will most likely contain NC-17 material, along with some possible gruesome events (scores of mutilated bodies lying around and such).

As for what the residents of Destiny Islands know about Sora, Riku and Kairi's journey, they'd decided to keep it to themselves, but were eventually exposed by the people they helped after a great deal of them moved to Destiny Islands. The knowledge of the two Keyblades among Destiny Islands is very recent however, and is only considered a rumor in anywhere but Rakichi.

All pairings are accepted here, with one condition. THERE IS A FEASIBLE REASON BEHIND THE PAIRING. I love yaoi. I love yuri. But this community isn't just for slash purposes. Make the relationship believable is all I ask.

Character Changes:

As you can see, the name of this community is "Changed Hearts." Let me first tell you what this does NOT mean. It does NOT mean that you can skew your character in any way that you want. What it DOES mean, is that in light of the current conflicts and the fact that puberty's well on its way for the younger characters (like Sora, Riku, Kairi, Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie), they might have started to think differently. Please use your own judgement when adding character changes.


1) You must post once a week, minimum. Meaning once every seven days. If you can't, you shouldn't join. If you're going to be away for an extended period of time, please leave a notice either at my email address: artforthou@yahoo.com, or on the community itself.

2) IC/=OOC Learn it well. Just because my char hates yours, doesn't mean I hate you. Really. Not a hard concept.

3) No OOC drama.

4) AIM logs must be posted to the community, with a tag stating the date it was supposed to take place, and under an lj-cut. All RPs including smut should be labeled as such.

5) Please take up all problems with the Moderators, chichaiwa and lena108, also known as Miaka Chiba and Sword Obsessed on AIM.

6) Standard RP rules apply. No god-moding, powerplaying, blah blah blah. Proper grammar and spelling must be used, except for in cases of characters who might not have it, and even then it must be readable. Typos are fine, but absolutely no l33t speak or TyPiN lIk U hAv A bRoK3N cApS kEy.

7) Each character gets a personal journal. I thought this went without saying...but you might want to wait until we ACCEPT you before making a character journal. To keep Sue/Stus, etc out, all applications are screened to make sure they don't royally blow.

Prohibited/Restricted Characters:

1) If you want to be a chief of a city, your character must be at least 35 years of age. No teenage geniuses waltzing around in charge of major cities. People can, and will be demoted from their positions if they break rules, and it's possible that the denizens of your city might overthrow you and vote a new one into position (who must also be approved by the mods).

2) No one's brother's sister's auntie's cousin. No relatives of ANY canon player, save their parents, and even if you DO apply for their parents, you MUST have the permission of the character.

Heartless and Hurricane Events:

Where and when the Heartless appear will be mostly controlled by the moderators, but players are free to fight them as they wish, so long as they are in that general area. They can appear anywhere on Destiny Islands. The separate parts of Destiny Islands are listed below.

All events will be posted to the community dark_watch, so don't forget to add it to your journals!

Destiny Islands:

There are four different islands that make up the Destiny Islands.
The map is here:


Kinta: The largest island contains most of the cities on Destiny Islands, and also most of the weapons and technology. It is these cluster of cities that is drawing energy from the other islands. Each area in Kinta has a major city, with the capital located in Central Kinta. Central Kinta is where all novices go for magic training, and it contains the largest city on the island complex, a city where machines and technology are the most important parts of daily life. All energy for Kinta flows from this central area. People from Kinta are usually adept in magic. Imagine Kinta as a sort of Zanarkand, with an extremely advanced way of living far beyond the other islands. Machines can practically eat, breathe, and sleep for people. They have a massive Blitzball stadium, all the neon lights you can imagine, and an extensive nightlife. Like partying and drinking? Then this is definitely the place for you. Only those suited for a fast life can live here. Central Kinta has a very prestigious university, really tailored to those with a very prestigious wallet. As for the nature of the people there...well, anyone can get in for the right price. Money=life in Kinta, which is the most expensive island. Living in a cardboard box will cost you an arm. But for all the money and resources the city has, they have the highest unemployed and homeless population. And those bums will not hesitate to rip you for all you're worth if they can get away with it.

Nijima: Northern Nijima has done it's best to copy Kinta, as the territories are close together. The territory as a whole approves of Kinta's energy stealing methods, and has created less damaging ways of taking energy themselves, but they receive much less of it. They steal energy from Southern Kinta, which is a more nature/village oriented area, and the two territories are constantly fighting because of it. Northern Nijimians are less adept in magic than the Kinta people. Southern Nijimians tend to be warriors with great physical strength.

Murano: A great deal of people from Murano have moved to either Kinta or Rakichi. Since it is farthest from the central cluster of islands, it gets information and technology slower, and the damage there is some of the worst throughout the Destiny Islands. People from Murano seemed to be gifted with an incredible sense of intuition, as part of spiritual studies most of the people on the island are involved in. There are rumors that the temples in Central Murano house all the loyal priests who decided to stay. The people of Murano are also rather religious, and believe that praying will get rid of the disasters. Murano has a pretty mild village setting with large churches erected in the more populated areas. The people are disciplined, so there are no clubs, bars, or anything vaguely considered trashy. People are usually in with the dusk, and up with the sun to do basic chores and prayers. Schooling is humble, most of the teachings focus on language arts and mathematics, almost no science at all. Students here find it very hard to go to the other islands for college, as the curriculum there is extremely limited. Missionaries sometimes leave the island to try to get money and people to rebuild the island, and they've made some progress so far.

Rakichi Isle: Even though this group of islands is small, they are well protected by Sora and his group. Food problems have begun on this isle because they are the prime energy source for Kinta protection magic, and this destroys the plants, which in turn causes the animals on the isle to die of starvation themselves. They do not yet know what is causing the plants to die so rapidly. Hurricanes seem to be scarce in this area, even though it is a group of tiny islands. It could be that Kinta drains energy from the hurricanes as well, or perhaps another reason. Rakichi has no cities, only villages. They're mostly a farm country, making their living by exporting crops and meat. The local university is pretty much looked at as a clown college for those living in Northern Nijima and Kinta, but at least the credits are accepted if you can afford to transfer. Most of the people here just tend to take over their parents' trades, so there are an unlimited number of trade schools here.

Applying for characters/positions:

All character applications are on the community page. Applicants are encouraged to make the apps as long as possible. Remember that some characters have different applications. The application page is here: http://community.livejournal.com/changed_hearts/441.html#cutid1

Taken characters:

Rakichi Isle

Sora Harada: key_master
Riku: silverndawn
Kairi: thevii_princess
Naminé: fair_oblivion
Hayner: twilightcrayons
Olette: x_olette
Pence: seasalt_pence
Selphie: sweetxlikecandy
Yuffie: lastkunoichi


Axel: remainingembers
Tifa: diamond_fists
OC: Farrah: mae_de_vidro


Zexion: giveyoumyapathy
Cloud: walkinguphill
Yazoo: yazoo_nightmare
Loz: broken_disease

Xaldin: hurricanelancer
Luxord: solitaire_king

Everything Else

Events are assigned, for the most part, randomly. If your area happens to get two large scale attacks in a row...blame the dice I roll. >.>

All questions, once again, go to artforthou@yahoo.com. Both mods review every application.

Yes. The Organization is alive. The explanation will be given a bit later.

The list of all the players and their AIM names is here (locked entry for privacy):


Banner credit goes to exitu_s.